What is "Moje izkušnje"?

»Moje izkušnje/My Experience« is a tool for validation and recognition of working experience, gained by student work. Students and secondary school pupils can obtain electronic or paper certificate about their working experience. The service brings a quality and informative review/overlook of all working activities. Youth can access the “Moje izkušnje” electronically (a digital portfolio) and they can export the certificate to PDF file or print it out, and they can show it to their potential employer and enhance their chances of obtaining a job.


»Moje izkušnje/My Experience« consists of information of all of the student jobs an individual performed:

  • About the employer/company where the student worked
  • About the type of work
  • About the year of student work
  •  About the number of hours of student work
  • About the basic competence gained by student work (for example IT skills, foreign languages, the ability to perform basic administrative duties, communication with costumers, etc.)
  • About the additional competencies gained by student work.


All the data are collected automatically, so students and pupils only have to export it to PDF file or print it out. »Moje izkušnje/My Experience« is validated by the Nefiks certification system. At the moment »Moje izkušnje/My Experience« is available for the members* and ex-members** of e-Študentski  Servis in the personal service “osebni service” available at the website www.studentski-servis.com.  Also other employment agencies for mediating student work in Slovenia offer a kind of print of previous works and student referrals.


 With the certificate »Moje izkušnje/My Experience« which includes past experience and competences young people can show their knowledge to the employers and they can increase their employability. On the other hand, »Moje izkušnje/My Experience« gives employers an easy and credible review of all working experience of a pupil/student during the studies. Therefore, they can easily choose the best candidates for work.


Currently, 135.000 young people in Slovenia have “Moje izkušnje/My experience”.



*Member of e-Študentski Servis is any pupil or student who has enrolled into e-Študentski Servis or who has at least once performed a student job by the e-Študentski Servis referral form.

**Ex-member of e-Študentski Servis is anybody who was a member in the past, no matter of the current status (employed, unemployed, student etc.).