Moje izkusnje presented at the event "Kava s kadroviki" in Ljubljana

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"Moje izkušnje/My experience" were presented at the event »Stopi do službe, kava s kadroviki uglednih podjetij« in Ljubljana. There were human resource managers from eminent Slovenian companies, academics and around 100 young people present at the event.


Ljubljana, 11. 6. 2014

Katarina Bremec Slanič, head of HRM at e-Študentski Servis presented the system "Moje izkušnje/My experience" at the event »Stopi do službe, kava s kadroviki uglednih podjetij«, which held place at the Faculty of Administration in Ljubljana on 11th of June 2014. 

The event began with the welcoming words of the dean of Faculty of Administration of University of Ljubljana doc. dr. Janez Stare. The first panel was moderated by Alenka Blazinšek from Zavod Nefiks. The other guests were Mr. Blaž Jemc from company STA potovanja, who presented possibilities of work abroad for young people. Mr. Saša Miladinović from company Si.mobil d.d. presented their strategies of employing young people and so did Ms. Branka Dajčman from company Adria Mobil d.o.o. The session was concluded by Ms. Katarina Bremec Slanič, who stressed the importance of non-formal education for young people and presented the system for recording and recognition of experiences gained through student work called "Moje izkušnje/My experience".

After that the people devided into 7 goups with 7 guests and groups of 20 young people. The guests were:

- Maja Rojšek, head of HRM at Coca-Cola HBC Slovenija, d.o.o.
- Matej Duraković, Recruitment Specialist for Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Bulgaria, IBM Slovenija d.o.o.
- Saša Miladinović, Head of HRM Si.mobil d.d.
- Branka Dajčman, HRM, Adria Mobil d.o.o.
- Blaž Jemc, head of programmes, STA potovanja
- Andreja Strmol, councelor EURES, EURES
- Katarina Bremec Slanič, head HRM, e-Študentski Servis.

The discussions were very fruitful and the summaries with a few photos can be found on this webpage.

Source: e-Študentski Servis